con|cern1 W1S1 [kənˈsə:n US -ə:rn] n
2¦(something important)¦
3¦(feeling for somebody)¦
4 somebody's concern
5 not somebody's concern/none of somebody's concern
1.) ¦(WORRY)¦
a) [U]
a feeling of worry about something important
The recent rise in crime is a matter of considerable public concern.
concern for
our concern for human rights
concern about/over/with
the rise of concern about the environment
the growing concern over inflation
concern with worsening law and order
concern that
increased concern that the war could continue for a long time
be a cause for concern/cause concern
The activities of the far right have been a cause for concern for a while now.
In her last days the poet expressed concern for her father.
something that worries you
One of the concerns that people have is the side effects of treatment.
Education remains the electorate's main concern.
the concerns expressed by parents
something that is important to you or that involves you
His main concern is to be able to provide for his family.
concern for
The consumer has become a major concern for this government.
of concern to sb
topics of concern to television viewers
3.) ¦(FEELING FOR SOMEBODY)¦ [singular, U]
a feeling of wanting someone to be happy and healthy
He was moved by her obvious concern.
concern for
parents' loving concern for their children
4.) sb's concern
if something is your concern, you are responsible for it
The money side of the business is your concern.
5.) not sb's concern/none of sb's concern
if something is not your concern, you are not interested in it and you do not need to worry about it or become involved in it
His affairs were none of her concern.
6.) ¦(BUSINESS)¦
a business or company
The restaurant is a family concern.
We will continue to run the company as a going concern (=a business that is financially successful) .
concern 2
concern2 W3 v [T]
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: concerner, from Late Latin concernere 'to mix together', from Latin com- ( COM-) + cernere 'to sift']
1.) [not in passive]
if a story, book, report etc concerns someone or something, it is about them
This study concerns couples' expectations of marriage.
The report concerns the drug traffic on the Mexican-US border.
2.) to make someone feel worried or upset
Issues like food additives do concern me.
3.) [not in passive]
if an activity, situation, rule etc concerns you, it affects you or involves you
The tax changes will concern large corporations rather than small businesses.
4.) concern yourself with/about sth
formal to become involved in something because you are interested in it or because it worries you
He told them not to concern themselves about him.
He loved his wife, and concerned himself with her needs and desires.
5.) to whom it may concern
an expression written at the beginning of a formal letter when you do not know the name of the person you want to communicate with

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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